Friday, June 8, 2012

Chugging along

So my numbers on last Thursdays beta were over 900. Things were all good until on Tuesday I just started randomly bleeding. I bled very heavily for 8 hours. Of course I freaked out and went and got blood drawn again to check the levels. My RE office called me and fit me in for an ultrasound. I'm happy to say I am still pregnant but this scared quite a few years off my life.

I'm sure I know why it happened and that is because of stress. My mother (with whom I am not on speaking terms currently) found out about the pregnancy and proceeded to hound me on facebook, phone, and I'm sure email as well (luckily I have those blocked). Luckily my tech capable husband has taken care of that and will be contacting her to let her know I will not be including her. Harsh I know but there is about 30 years worth of explanation. The other stressful thing was I had to tell my boss's boss about my pregnancy because I have appointments and it is our busy season so I have to have a good reason beyond a Doctors appointment. So I told her that I was still very early and considered high risk and that shut her up. Luckily she had a baby earlier in the year and came back in March from maternity leave.

June 15th (my husband's birthday) is when we go in for the offical ultrasound where we will hopefully see the heartbeat.  As of now the only thing I cannot stand to smell or taste is Shrimp. My sense of smell is very much heightened as this means the husband showers more LOL. But seafood is the only thing that sets me off.

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