Monday, November 14, 2011

First follow up ultra sound

So I've done 5 days of injections thus far (no bruises or major blood spurting). I went in this morning for the first follow up ultra sound. I have many follicles four 7mm, two 8mm, and one 9.1! I'm more than a little surprised to have one that big thus far but am excited. I have to go back on Thursday to get another follow up but hopefully there will be 2-3 big ones. I'm hoping to be triggered this weekend and inseminated prior to Thanksgiving. I'm listening to my circle bloom PCOS cycle mp3s every night and I think it's helping me to stay calm and accept things as they are going. I'm also avoiding unnecessary stress and problems. The only bad thing was the scale. I've put on 2 lbs but I think it may be that my clothes were heavier. Last week I was in leggings, a tunic, and suede ankle boots. Today a cotton oversize shirt, vest, heavy dress pants, and sneakers. So for me I see 2 pounds in all of that. But I am thankful for things as they are. :)

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