Thursday, October 7, 2010


I woke up this morning before my alarm clock (which is rare). I got to enjoy it going off and immediately exiting the bed. I know the progesterone is working because my body temp is HIGH. The last two days I have been so sweaty, one would think I had just come from the gym! If I time this right my period will start right after my 5 year wedding anniversary, which means treatments will start later this month, I could be pregnant before 2011 starts. That is a whole lot of hope right there.

The fun of this week was on Tuesday morning my hubby called and told me that he had a COLD shower and not on purpose. The diagnosis, the water heater was leaking. You would think it would be easy enough to fix. Not so much. We called the Home Warranty people and they sent out a plumber who promptly looked at our water heater and said “We don’t service this model, you’ll need to call someone else”. So we called the warranty people back and they said they would send another plumber. 2 and a half hours go by (at this point its after 5pm) we call the other plumber who tells us that they aren’t coming and told the warranty people. We call the warranty people and sure enough the plumber never called them. At this point because of the leak we have to turn water off to the whole house. That lasted 24 hours before we got another plumber there who will have to check with the manufacturer about our water heater BUT knew a way for us to have water without worrying about the house sinking (the water heater was leaking under the house). So we have running cold water, an improvement but still not so fantastic.

The really nice part is the hubbs got the TV working again! Yay!! Apparently it had broken in multiple parts and only an engineer could fix it. You would think I would have rushed home to watch my dvr, well no I didn’t. I know that when I sit down to watch TV I will have to have a block of time to get through my 29 programs on my dvr, and it will have to be multiple nights. So I feel overwhelmed by what I’ve missed.

On to other things! Two girls at work in another department announced their pregnancy yesterday and I went immediately to “congrats!” rather than the slight hesitation in “I hate you” land. So I’m proud of myself for not taking their pregnancy announcement as a reminder that I’m not.

Today was a great big reminder that it is indeed Fall! I live in the Bay Area which is pretty darn temperate (compared to just about everywhere else) but the Fall crispness was in the air and it reminded me to find my ear muffs because my ears are COLD! I’m not really looking forward to the rains starting but it will make things easier in the long run.

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