Friday, September 30, 2011

Five things on Friday

Every Friday I want to do a "5 things". I will choose a topic and write 5 positive things.

This week I choose....Work

1) I do enjoy the aspect of guiding people through the Financial aid process and letting them know what they need to know.
2) I enjoy talking with people and taking their interesting situations and making it work within the construct of federal policy.
3) I enjoy working in SF in the middle of the Financial District as there is always somewhere to visit.
4) I like knowing that I am the most organized person here, even though it doesn't translate to home.
5)I like the people I work with.

And here's the flip, 5 complaints about work:
1) People thinking that if they make me happy/sad it will affect how much aid I give them. It doesn't, these rules are set by the government and I can't change that
2) People thinking that I can just write them a check whenever their funds come in. It doesn't ever work that way, there is a process that has to be gone through. I know it takes time but seriously I have zero control on it.
3) People who think I'm out to screw them. There is no way I can screw you, the government protects you from that. Believe me I generally want you to leave me alone, its not worth the jail time and loss of career to even try to do anything.
4)Coworkers who don't pull their load. I work hard to make sure we can get as much money in so refunds can go out on time. I don't need to do your work too. I have plenty.
5) The unwillingness of the higher ups to rework things and change things that are only just barely working. Stop pretending this is a small school, its not. Let's try to be efficient people.

Ah I feel better now.

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